Chiropractic Services for Fayetteville, NC

What To Expect

Our chiropractic services help provide relief from neck and back pain. Schultz & Revels Chiropractic is dedicated to serving the people of Fayetteville, NC with quality chiropractic care. Our specialty lies in pain management, back pain treatment, neck pain treatment and acupuncture services.

A chiropractic session is very relaxing. It relieves you of all your stress, aches and pains. Visit our health sanctuary and feel at peace with your body. Our friendly staff and cheerful ambiance will immediately put you at ease.
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Providing Pain Management Services & More

Fast paperwork

As soon as you enter the office, you will be given a few forms. The paperwork will enable us to gather important details about you and your ailment. You can save time by filling in your information beforehand.
History and examination

The assigned doctor will ask you questions regarding your medical history. We take this step in order to gauge the cause of your pain. A few tests may be conducted to determine the magnitude of the internal tissue injury.

Your present condition may require us to take an X-ray. This helps us define the extent of damage. Then we can customize a treatment for you.
Immediate attention

After the physical examination and diagnosis, our patients will receive immediate treatment on the very first visit. Treatment can extend to spinal adjustments, physical therapy and soft tissue therapy.
At-home follow up

Before you head home, we give you various instructions on specific tasks or follow-up procedures to do at home. These include ice or heat applications, avoidance of certain activities or positions, as well as home exercises and stretches.
To schedule an appointment with our center, just call 910-434-5499.
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